December 22, 2009

Moving Blog

Hi all.

Well I thought for the new year it was time to have a complete change, so I have moved my blog over to another blogsite.

My new blog : Funky Chicken Dezigns

Luckily I did go through all my tuts and things as Ive found that my links to my templates & frames have all vanished and Im missing 3 tuts and my newest tut I wrote has for somereason not saved the tut I wrote.

Stupid me didnt save all the templates and frames (if anyone used any of them prior to the link vanishing feel free to email them to me if you kept them) So the only templates I can download now are 5,6,7 and none of the frames.
But I will try get onto making more soon.

Soooooo, This site I will be removing content from it each chance I get (between work and the kids).
Some stuff has been moved over to the new site, and I will be moving the chatbox over and removing it from here.

Monique ♥

December 8, 2009

Elias Chatzoudis - A Magical Christmas

Written: 08/12/09
Yes another Xmas tut, Im slowly getting into the christmas spirit lol
I made this tag for my friend so thought I'd tut it.
This is meant to be an Animated tag but for some reason the animation isn't working even in the site I write the Tut (not sure what I did, it was animated when I saved it). So just imagine your seeing blinking on the snowflakes LOL.
For this tut I used the fantastic new Christmas freebie from Bea Creations (link on my links to the side of my blog).
Have Fun

December 4, 2009

Keith Garvey-A very Garvey Xmas

Written: 3/12/09

A very Garvey Xmas

To get into the spirit of Christmas I thought now was the time to get into writing some xmas tuts
I just love this tube, and this kit.
So I made this tag for my friend Julie from Julies Creationz (link in tut & on my blog) to say thanks for all her awesome freebie scrapkits.


December 1, 2009

CEI - Crazy in Pink

Written: 1/12/09
WOW, now that was a long time in the making LOL
Ive been working on this tut for a long time now, just could never seem to find the time to finish it.
Hope you like my new tut.


November 30, 2009

Working on a New Tut

So keep your eyes peeled, I am currently working on a new tut.
Been a while I know.

June 8, 2009

Elias Chatzoudis - GIRLS ROCK!!

Written: 8/6/09
Pumped out another Tut tonight!!
This one also is best suited for someone with working knowledge of PSP.
But is quick and basic.


Ismael Rac - Groovalicious Rac

Written: 8/6/09
FINALLY Finished it!!!!
I used one of the stunning gifts from Ismael Rac on his website. Thanks Rac!!
Isn't she HOT!!
This tut is very quick and basic to someone who has working knowledge of PSP.


Got no mojo

Since being back at work, I haven't had any PSP mojo.
I've started a tut, but can't find the inspiration to finish it LOL

I opened up my PSP a few days ago and had to delete so many scrapkits that have decided to go all haywire on me and wouldn't open. GUTTED!! especially since some of them were favourites.
So I'll be off on a scrap hunt again to find some more to give me some inspiration.

About to head back into PSP to see what I can come up with and hopefully push out a few tuts.

Also, My yuku site will be holding a HUGE Tagathon 24th July (NZ Time) until 27th July.
If you are a PSPer and would like to offer up tags for this fun filled weekend OR if you are a siggy piggy wanting to get your hands on some wickedly awesome tags then head over to Escape from Reality.

Hope you are all enjoying your winter (or summer for those of you on the other side of the world). It's been a cold few days here in Melbourne.

May 18, 2009

I received an Award

I got this award from Sue's Designz
Thank you so much chick!
I now must pass this on to ten other blogs.
Had to go on a blog walk to find some blog sites LOL

May 16, 2009

WOW been so long since I last wrote a tut

I recently started back at work after nearly 4yrs of being an at home mum & haven't really had much time for PSP. I will try have a play soon, kinda lost my mojo, am so tired after work and with spending as much time with the kids as I can before they go to bed and on my 2 days off since I barely even get 2hrs on my working days with them all up.

I added my Facebook Badge onto my blog also if you want to add me feel free (just let me know your adding me from my blog & I will accept you ☺).

Well I still have one more day left of work for the week, but will see what I can come up with in PSP soon for you all.