June 8, 2009

Got no mojo

Since being back at work, I haven't had any PSP mojo.
I've started a tut, but can't find the inspiration to finish it LOL

I opened up my PSP a few days ago and had to delete so many scrapkits that have decided to go all haywire on me and wouldn't open. GUTTED!! especially since some of them were favourites.
So I'll be off on a scrap hunt again to find some more to give me some inspiration.

About to head back into PSP to see what I can come up with and hopefully push out a few tuts.

Also, My yuku site will be holding a HUGE Tagathon 24th July (NZ Time) until 27th July.
If you are a PSPer and would like to offer up tags for this fun filled weekend OR if you are a siggy piggy wanting to get your hands on some wickedly awesome tags then head over to Escape from Reality.

Hope you are all enjoying your winter (or summer for those of you on the other side of the world). It's been a cold few days here in Melbourne.

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