December 22, 2009

Moving Blog

Hi all.

Well I thought for the new year it was time to have a complete change, so I have moved my blog over to another blogsite.

My new blog : Funky Chicken Dezigns

Luckily I did go through all my tuts and things as Ive found that my links to my templates & frames have all vanished and Im missing 3 tuts and my newest tut I wrote has for somereason not saved the tut I wrote.

Stupid me didnt save all the templates and frames (if anyone used any of them prior to the link vanishing feel free to email them to me if you kept them) So the only templates I can download now are 5,6,7 and none of the frames.
But I will try get onto making more soon.

Soooooo, This site I will be removing content from it each chance I get (between work and the kids).
Some stuff has been moved over to the new site, and I will be moving the chatbox over and removing it from here.

Monique ♥

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